About Us – The Company

The company

We like to think of our company as a unique company. Our company started from relationships that turned ┬áinto partnerships. We didn’t start with a huge loan, we were small and built the company to where it is today. The main thing that got us where we are today is the relationships we built with the small, medium and even large corporations we work with across Canada.

miniLarge is an Ottawa, Ontario based company here in the heart of Canada. We are proud of where we have started and we are proud to continuously serve the Ottawa community.

We originally started off in the printing & web industry. We catered to small and medium sized businesses for business cards, flyers, websites, seo, etc. Over time, building multiple successful relationships with businesses across Canada enabled us to grow yearly. With growth comes more demand for different types of products. This left us no choice but to expand our services and product line. Take a look below and see how far miniLARGE has come to serve our customers better!

Products & Services in our First to Second year of business:

Business Cards (Since we opened)
Flyers (Since we opened)
Web Design (Since we opened)
SEO (Since we opened)
Graphic Design (Since we opened)
Post Cards (introduced end of 2nd year)

Products & Services in our Third to Fifth year of business:

Folded Business Cards
Greeting Cards
Door Hangers
Letter heads
Custom Notepads
Plastic Business Cards (introduced end of 5th year)

Products & Services in our Ninth year of business:

DVD Covers
CD Inlays
CD-DVD Pouch
Presentation Folders
Vinyl Cut-outs
Web Hosting
Tent Cards
Window Clings
Books - Stapled and Bound (introduced end of 9th year)